Liability Claims Management Program

Property/Liability Claim Form on a clipboard with a pen and calculator

The Liability Claims Management Program provides in house claims adjusting of all liability claims against the County. This includes property loss or property damage as well as personal injury. This division is also responsible for litigation management and the recovery of money when the County has suffered a loss due to the actions of another.

This program is self-insured. General liability claims are adjusted by County staff. Commercial insurance is purchased for aviation programs. Contractors are utilized for the provision of legal services, investigation services, and adjustment of aviation related claims.

This division also supports Purchasing staff and Real Estate staff in every County department. It establishes appropriate policies and supports compliance with these policies and County standards for insurance held by contractors, tenants, vendors, concessionaires, and others whose actions may expose the County to the risk of financial loss.

Download and print a claim form and instructions.

Gary Stopforth, Program Manager: 714-285-5515