Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title II Program

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The County of Orange is committed to on-going efforts to provide access to public services to all clients of the County of Orange. Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits all state and local governmental agencies from discriminating against a person with disabilities and from excluding participation in or denying benefits of programs, services or activities to persons with disabilities.

To ensure that individuals with disabilities can fully participate in and benefit from the public services offered by the County of Orange, the Board of Supervisors adopted a policy prohibiting discrimination against persons with disabilities in June of 1994. The Board of Supervisors established a County ADA Title II Coordinator. That position is located within the CEO/Office of Risk Management and has corporate oversight over the departmental implementation of programs to support compliance with ADA II. 

The ADA Title II Office only handles corporate oversight over County Programs and Services. The ADA Title II Program does not handle ADA oversight over private businesses, landlord or HOA issues, and other public entities such as cities. Please utilize the resource links below to obtain additional information related to ADA outside the jurisdictional scope of the ADA Title II Program.

Resource Links to ADA Information:

The contact information for the County ADA Title II Coordinator is the following:

CEO Risk Management
County ADA Title II Coordinator

400 W. Civic Center Dr.
5th Floor
Santa Ana, CA 92701


Department/Agency ADA Title II Coordinators

In addition, an ADA II Coordinator has been established for each County department and agency. Complaints, concerns or recommendations regarding public access to any of the County programs, services and activities should initially be reported to that department or agency ADA II Coordinator who can immediately begin to resolve the matter. Please click below to view a list of Title II Agency Coordinators.

Agency ADA Title II Coordinators


ADA Title II Transition Plan

In July 2000, the County ADA Title II Transition Plan was presented to the public. Inquiries regarding the 2000 ADA Title II Transition Plan can be directed to the County ADA Title II Coordinator.


Complaint form and Instructions

ADA Title II Complaint Form