Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CEO Risk Management has multiple client responsibilities. It serves all County departments as an internal service agency within the County. However, its broader customer responsibility is to the taxpayer and ratepayer funding each department. The reason for this broader customer base is that the funds provided to each department should support the cost containment and compliance with legal mandates promoting an economical and legal operation. Additionally, each program has its unique clients. Those clients are noted within the service description in each program area.

Yes, there is a role that we all can play in fighting insurance fraud and protecting tax dollars.

CEO Risk Management aggressively investigates any indication of fraud in any claim made for liability or workers' compensation benefits either by claimants or service providers. The anti-fraud control systems are built into both the Workers' Compensation Program and Liability Claims Program. Staff of CEO Risk Management and our contractors actively partner with the Department of Insurance, local law enforcement, and the Orange County District Attorney's Office in the investigation and prosecution of fraud.

If you suspect that a claim filed with the County of Orange is untrue, that a claimant or any service provider is "padding" their bill, faking an injury or exaggerating the extent of the damage, share your concerns with our office. By thoroughly examining any suspicion of fraud, legitimate claims can be made with confidence and paid with integrity.

If the claim relates to coverage by the County of Orange, contact the CEO/Office of Risk Management and we will begin the initial investigation and bring in the appropriate law enforcement and District Attorney staff.

If the claim has not been made against the County of Orange, but a private insurance company or another employer, do not contact CEO/Office of Risk Management, as we have no authority regarding these matters. Contact the District Attorney's Office in the County where the fraud occurred, or your local law enforcement agency.

This office provides these benefits only to County employees and others who have been specifically designated by law or action of the Board of Supervisors. This is not a program open to the general public. If you are not a County employee and have been injured at your employment, contact your employer for assistance. If unsure, call the Office of Risk Management reception (714) 285-5500 and ask to speak with staff in the Workers' Compensation Program. Staff will assist you in determining your potential eligibility for these services and provide the correct forms and resources.

View the Liability Claim Form and complete as instructed. If you do not have the ability to print the form, call the Office of Risk Management at (714) 285-5500 and request that a "Verified Claim Form" is sent to you. The instructions for completing and filing this claim form will be mailed to you at the address that you specify, or sent to you by fax, if you so request.