Integrated Disability and Absence Management Program

Hanging file folders with note sticking out stating "Sick Leaves"

Integrated Disability and Absence Management (IDAM) is the County’s philosophy and approach in which the County has streamlined a pathway to support County employees in navigating the various state and federal disability laws and their benefit delivery systems to ensure early delivery of benefits to eligible employees.

IDAM provides guidance to County employees that must take time off to care for a family member or due to their own medical challenges, or has medical restrictions that impact their ability to perform the essential job functions of their position, or require assistance planning for time off to celebrate the birth of their child.

Through transitional work assignments, we encourage employees with temporary medical restrictions to return to work at the earliest medically indicated time. County employees with permanent medical restrictions navigate reasonable accommodation alternatives that include placement throughout the County of Orange. IDAM not only ensures compliance with disability laws, but most importantly, understands the value of investment in its employees as the County’s most valuable assets.

Azucena Coronel, Program Manager: 714-285-5508